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GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions

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InTouch Features

Live Vehicle Tracking

Real-Time, Updates Every Minute


Standard and Customizable View Available

Automated Driver ID

Individual Driver Reporting

Destinations and Dispatch

Send Drivers Delivery/Service Jobs Electronically

Driver Scorecard

Grade Categories: Overall, Speeding, Aggression, Idling, Seatbelt

Activity Alert Notifications

Instant Alerts via Text Message or Email

Poweful Reports Suite

Robust Standard and Custom Reports Available

Maintenance Management

Create Automated Mileage/Runtime based Maintenance Tasks

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GPS Fleet Tracking from InTouch GPS:

InTouch GPS is the only Fleet GPS Tracking Solution provider on the market that literally provides FREE Fleet Tracking Devices to their clients with no contract required! Each Fleet Tracking Device is attached to a vehicle in your company's fleet and sends you information about that truck in real time. They offer a user friendly, reliable, feature rich GPS vehicle tracking application with a robust and feature rich standard fleet package and even offer upgrades to full Fleet Dispatch (Garmin Connected Navigation), Trailer Tracking, Asset Tracking, Driver’s Scorecard, Fuel Card Integration and Engine Diagnostics.

With absolutely no contract to worry about InTouch GPS earn their Fleet Customer’s business on a monthly basis. Even though the GPS Vehicle Tracking devices are provided free of cost, InTouch GPS have chosen to stick with a highly reputable, publicly traded USA based device manufacturer. These same high quality GPS tracking devices are sold by their competitors at prices ranging from $200 - $300 per device. They utilize the latest in Web-based Real-time Fleet Management technology to ensure that you get the best vehicle tracking system available.

InTouch GPS is the most reliable vehicle tracking solution out there, with thousands of satisfied customers. There are currently over 15,000 fleet tracking management devices on the InTouch GPS network on the road today, saving millions of dollars in fuel costs and repair costs.

With InTouch GPS there is zero risk involved in acquiring your new fleet tracking systems. There are absolutely no hidden costs involved at any stage of your involvement with the company. In addition, they offer a 30 Day, 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, simply return the GPS fleet tracking systems for a full refund within 30 days.

Why Track My Fleet?

Companies who have adopted a fleet tracking GPS system typically see a 10% to 20% increase in their productivity and a significant decrease in fleet expenses, according to a study by the Aberdeen Research Group. They found that by using a fleet tracking system to monitor their drivers' behavior many businesses have been able to reduce their fuel costs by 10% to 30%. There are many more benefits of a real time fleet tracking solution include billing verification, overtime reduction, fuel card billing reconciliation, accident investigation, time card verification, and more. Being able to identify abuse of overtime hours is a huge incentive to outfitting your fleet with a GPS tracking device. In addition, alert notifications can be sent out from the fleet vehicle tracking system to inform businesses of upcoming vehicle maintenance milestones, preventing the loss of manufacturer’s warranties.

What Are The System Features?

InTouch GPS’ high quality GPS tracking systems boast the capability to perform Live Tracking. It can also send out real time notification alerts based on idle time abuses, geofence entry and exit, low battery alerts, speeding, hard braking, rapid acceleration, after hours use of fleet vehicles, and much more. You can also track your fleet’s maintenance schedules.

Where Quality Matters, We Deliver!



It has recently come to our attention that some of our competitors are claiming our Free Device, No Contract Program is due to us providing a low cost, untested Chinese import. This could not be further from the truth and frankly gives us a chance to brag while setting the record straight. The products we are now giving away are exactly the same ones we were selling online for $210 – $249!

Well, we like to believe its just the right mix of craziness and brilliance... But the truth is we know with our high quality devices, robust user friendly platform and top notch service, our fleet customers will be with us for years to come! We give them no reason to leave!
Its a mindset thing! When you sign a long term contract with a company, your signed contract enables them to convert your long term contract into instant cash! That's right, you sign a 3 year contract and they get paid for the 3 years up front. Once they have your cash, I'm sure you can imagine how eager they are to hear from you until its time to renew the contract! It's just another one of our Industry's dirty little secrets, which is why we choose to be different and earn your business one month at a time!

InTouch GPS is Smart Fleet Management

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